Occasions to wear black ties

Unlike the black bow tie, black neckties can be worn for a wide range of events ranging from formal to casual attire without suit.

Formal black necktie attire

If you choose to go with a black necktie instead of a bow tie, then make sure to pick a solid color black necktie made from a shiny satin silk fabric. The smooth silk fabric gives off an elegant shine making the tie look more formal and elegant. Neckties should never be worn with a tuxedo. Instead pick a classy two piece suit in black and a white dress shirt. Accessories such as cufflinks and white pocket square are recommended.

Unformal attire:

Black ties can be worn quite well for regular business attire. If you choose a black tie for work, make sure not to go with a solid color black tie, as it is too formal. Instead pick a black tie that has some structure and patterns.

informal black necktieblack tie with patternstriped black necktieelegant but casual black necktie

Least formal attire and black neckties

Recently the retro look of the skinny tie has gained a lot of popularity amoung younger men. Solid colored skinny ties are most popular with the black skinny tie being on top. Skinny ties are often worn without a suit. Ehey are not tied completly, but worn slighlty loose, with the top button of the dress shirt open. Short sleeve shirt and jeans are not uncommon with a skinny necktie.