Other formal necktie colors

The black necktie hasn’t always been the most formal of all necktie colors. Traditionally the white tie was called the “Queen of all ties”. The white tie is still a very formal necktie color. Judges and lawyers in Germany are still required to wear a white silk tie to court today. In the US, the white tie is usually worn for formal events that occur during the day or in warm weather.

Besides the white tie, other solid color ties that are made from a smooth and shiny satin silk fabric are quite formal. Below is an order of solid color silk tie colors. The colors are sorted by how formal they are from most formal to least formal.

Formality of necktie colors (most formal to least formal neck-wear):

  1. The black bow-tie
  2. The solid color black necktie
  3. Other solid colored bow ties
  4. Solid color white necktie
  5. Solid color silver necktie
  6. Solid color champagne/cream colored necktie
  7. Solid Color light pink necktie
  8. Other solid color pastel colors (especially popular in the summer and during the day, mostly worn for weddings)
  9. Other solid color neckties (burgundy red, navy blue, sage green, etc.)

Pictures of formal neckties, alternatives to black ties:

champagne colored tiesolid color pink necktiesolid color cream necktiesolid color silver tiesolid color light blue tiesolid color white necktie