Tie knots for black ties

The traditional black tie attire calls for a classic black bow tie. In the past 10 years the classic solid color black necktie has become an accepted alternative to the bow tie, and has gained a lot of popularity especially among younger men and celebrities. If you choose a solid color back necktie, the tuxedo will be replaced with a black 2 piece suit.

Tying a bow tie:

If you choose the most classic look for your black tie event, then the bow tie is the way to go. In recent years clip-on bow ties that are already pre-tied are readily available and have become quite popular. They are easy to put on and off, and the bow itself looks perfect. Although popular for the general public, the fashion expert views pre-tied bow ties as quite tacky and untraditional. Tying a bow tie is not difficult but needs a little bit of practice:

Tie a bow tie

Best tie knots for black neckties

The classic look of a solid color black tie is complimented best with a medium sized tie knot that is more on the tube shaped side than triangular. The best tie knot for a classic black necktie is the Four in Hand knot. The Four in Hand knot was invented in Britain during the 18th century and is one of the oldest and most traditional tie knots.

Four in Hand tie knot

As a general rule formal, solid colored neckties look best when tied with a four in Hand knot. To make the know perfect, create a dimple in the center of the tie knot. To make a dimple, slighly fold the tie right at the tie knot before tightening it. Make sure the fold of the dimple goes all the way up into the tie knot. Then tighten the knot right above the dimple.

Example of classic black tie with a Four in Hand tie knot:

solid color black tie